Yes I am now:

Here is a little information about myself! I grew up in Gaithersburg, MD and attended High School at Quince Orchard High School. One of the reason I became intersted in weather growing up was my childhood fear of thunderstorms. About 6 or 7 that fear became complete fascination in thunderstorms! In middle school, I surfed the internet about all-things weather and by high school I landed my first job at Automated Weather Source. Many of know it as the company that owns the Weatherbug. My duties included working with live weather stations located in schools across the country. And best of all, I had access to a T-1 connection where I joined NEMAS! That helped me learn a great deal about meteorology.

I attended Mississippi State U for 4 years and while there, I continued to learn a great deal about severe storms and storm chasing. That was fun and on my first ever storm chase caught a look at a tornado. I also produced my first webpage which is HERE. I can't belived that it is still up!

I received my degree in Geosciences with an emphasis on Broacast Meteorology and a Minor in Communcations! I interned with Sue Palka at FOX 5 in Washington, DC, a great lady who helped me learn the WSI platform. Then I landed my first job in a wonderful place called Missoula, MT at KPAX-TV! I was the weekend meteorologist there for about 11 months! Currently I am the weekend meteorologist at KAMC28 in Lubbock,TX. I have been here for about 2 years and love every bit of it! I am the Weekend Meteorologist/Weather Producer and best of all the Storm Chaser!

Here is a Group Picture of us all!
From Left to Right: Matt, Ron and I

I also do some webwork for which is local live data from my Work!